Valentine's Day
Spring Time

WW DIRECTIONSFACEBOOK- Tom, The only good thing that came out of Hurricane Sandy and the 12 day power outage that followed was the fact that I had the time to put together the window frames. Thank you SO much! We love the lights! See attached picture. Happy Holidays! Tamara WW DIRECTIONS

Note: Test fit frame prior to installing lights in frame.

1. Measure window from sill to top window jamb (A). Remove rubber end-cap. Cut lengths to apprximately 1/8 inch less than window vertical dimension (A) - necessary to allow for rubber end caps. After cutting, replace caps.

2. Build your frames in your windows by friction fitting left and right lengths in window. Notches should face indoors. Note: caps may be used to compensate for slight measuring/cutting errors.

3. Cut horizontal supports. Horizontal dimension should be the distance between the vertical rods plus 3"(B) allowing for 1" to extend on each side.

4. Snap knob of horizontal support into notch of vertical length.

5. Remove frame from window and place on table or floor. Slide miniature lights into notches Make sure plug is at the bottom of frame.

6. Place frame in window between sill(C) and top window jamb(D) with notches (lights) facing indoors (away from glass).

7. Made of durable plastic.

Installation Hints:
1. Remove and store intact with lights on frame for quick installation next year.

2. For picture windows, assemble several small frames.

3. For windows without sills, it may be necessary to hang. Install hook(s) to top of window frame as necessary.

4. For windows with blinds, it may be necessary to horizontally mount and/or install with lights facing glass.

5. Lights with ornaments should be wrapped around Window Wonder frame.

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