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.................WINDOW WONDER TIPS.............

When building Window Wonder frames they need to be made as small as possible, remember the idea is based on leaving your lights on the frame and storing them away, you don't want them to big.Window Wonder frames are installed on the windowsill... not against the glass. Test fit frames before installing lights.

Do small windows first to get familiar with them .....when you are doing a few windows the same size complete one completely with lights (note most lights fit Window Wonder frames be sure to get lights with the right snug fit)... view from outside at night... make minor adjustments, this becomes your pattern for same size windows..... I suggest you do one of every window size first, this way your patterns are complete.

Make all your frames, then install lights one window-frame at a time... 50 light sets are the best for most windows, again most lights fit Window Wonder frames, be sure to get lights with the right snug fit, lights should be easy to install.... lay your frame on top of the finished frame (with lights) mark with a marker so you know where the lights go.....when installing lights on a flat surface leave lights on at all times....DO NOT put lights in every notch.

Best tool to cut them with is Sears Craftsman Handy-Cut.... I highly recommend you buy one for your project.... Anvil rose bush cutters are fine too...remember "ANVIL" type cutters.

Best part of Window Wonder is when your lights burn out, you're not in the window trying to fix them, simply take the frame out and put on the table and put a new set of lights in, and snap it back in your window. Timers are a good investment, set your Window Wonder frames to turn on and off whenever you like.

When completed, label and date your frames specifically for each window, you will see over time Window Wonder was a great investment. At the end of the season, Store Window Wonder flat or against a wall in a safe place where it will not be DISTURBED until next year.

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Happy Holidays,

Thomas E. Boechel

Inventor Of Window Wonder