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---------Frequently Asked Questions----------

Can Window Wonder Christmas lights work in double hung windows?

Yes. There are two ways to install in double hung windows. NOTE: Your decision is based on your preference, keep in not make the frame to want to store the frames with the lights on them for next season. Each frame have it's own light string.

Also, these are just ideas...people all over America have been very creative with Window Wonder. VERY IMPORTANT do one complete window...lights, everything. Look at it from outside in the dark, make adjustments this will become your pattern for all same size windows

1. One frame...The traditional way using top to bottom method (friction fitting the vertical rods) and then installing a horizontal rod or rod(s) (2) across the middle of the window so Christmas lights show up in the top and bottom window.

2. Two frames...Make a frame for the bottom sash and then make a frame for the top sash. note: The top sash is the traditional way. The bottom sash: the top horizontal is cut to friction fit between the 2 stops (STOPS; definition: piece of wood that holds in the sashes) on the right and the left of the window end caps go on this rod. The vertical rods will have caps on the bottom of the rod but not on the top. The bottom rod is snapped in traditional way

Will Window Wonder Christmas lights fit any size window?

Yes. The Window Wonder rods are 48" long. The 2 connectors in each package enables you to make any size frame.

Are Window Wonder Christmas lights difficult to install? Not at all. You simply cut the plastic rods with rose bush cutters to length, snap together the frame and slide in your lights. The frame (with lights) is then inserted in the window between the sill and top window jamb. A typical window takes 25 to 30 minutes.

Is Window Wonder reusable? Yes. After the Christmas holidays, remove Window Wonder from the window and store intact for reuse year after year or change lights for another holiday ie: Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.

Is Window Wonder used indoors or out? Indoors. There is no need to go out in the weather with Window Wonder. You could use outdoors, but it was designed for indoor use.

Can you see the Christmas window lights from the outside as well as inside? Absolutely. The midget lights are completely visible indoors and out.

What is Window Wonder made of? Plastic (PVC - polyvinyl chloride).

How does it stay in the window? It is a friction fit (squeeze fit) between the window sill and the top window jamb. The vinyl end caps protect your woodwork from scratches.

Difficult to snap together? Be sure that the rods are perpendicular to each other and snap or roll knob into notch

I think my lights don't fit? The lights slide in from the end. Start the corner of light socket in bottom of notch and slowly push in and up. See photos on on assemble page. Light socket will open notch by the taper light socket.

What kind of lights may be used with Window Wonder? Window Wonder accommodates all midget or miniature lights. Note: Due to the new USA UL Standard a couple of light sockets on the string will be larger than the rest.Simply use a cut-off of Window-Wonder rod and make the notch larger by snapping it in and wiggling it.

Are lights included? No.

Does Window Wonder work for arched windows? Yes. (See photo) All arches are not the same. When building your frame you must find places to friction fit little extension to hold your frame in place. Be Creative.

Will it work in a picture window? Yes, however, it may be necessary to utilize two or more smaller frames in the larger picture window.

Are there any problems with blinds or draperies? Draperies present no problem for Window Wonder. In some cases, blinds may preclude its use or require that the lights face the window glass. You may also mount Window Wonder horizontally.

What color is available? White (neutral).

Are there other uses for Window Wonder? Yes. Many of our customers have told us how they used Window Wonder IE: Making signs, high lighting signs, lighting up catering tables, decorate parade floats, and their boats for Christmas boat parades.

Can I be a vendor for Window Wonder Absolutely. Please call 1-716-821-9875 or send email

"How much easier can Christmas window decorating get! If you think about it, Window Wonder is great!! You put Christmas window lights in the same windows the same way for 7 weeks a year. I love Window Wonder Christmas lights !!!!!!" Julia Brown Titusville, Pa.

"I love Window Wonder. They were easy to put up and the lights are perfectly spaced. My windows are beautiful". Dorothy Ander Cleveland, Ohio

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